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There are of course many things we are sure you will want to know before booking a vacation with us and visiting central Europe. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Why should I spend my vacation in Central Europe?

In a word, diversity.You will find breathtaking scenery, charming traditions, delightful cuisine and captivating history, a multitude of sporting possibilities and leisure activities in the heart of Europe. That's in addition to exhilarating hiking, interesting and unusual museums, shopping in quaint villages, medieval castles, abundant skiing, challenging mountain biking and historic cities. The list is endless, but don't take our word for it, go and see for yourself!

2. Should I travel independently or with a tour group?

That really depends on a couple of things. How comfortable are you traveling with just your family/ friends abroad or do you prefer to travel with more people? Also, do you want to decide exactly where and when you travel or are you fine with having the dates and itinerary given to you? A tour will allow you to be guided on a fixed itinerary (sometimes with optional excursions), so that you can see lots of places and attractions in a short space of time (we suggest a minimum of 9 days traveling in total, with 7 nights abroad). You are always accompanied by an Alpentouristik tour guide. An individual vacation allows you to vacation at your own speed, to do what you want, when you want to and to travel where and when you want to.

3. What's the weather like?

The weather can be changeable in the mountains and you should dress like an onion!! By this, we mean that layers are the best thing to avoid being caught out by the weather. It can be very hot in the summer, but the average summer temperature is 68°F. The winter is usually cold, with plenty of snow, making central Europe, especially Austria, an ideal destination for downhill skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers.

4. Do they speak English?

Most people involved in tourism speak some English. All the guides we have on our excursion programs and tours speak English and can help you with anything you want to find out more information about or if you have any difficulties while you are away and need some help visiting a doctor for instance.

5. How do I book?

You can send us an email inquiry or call us to discuss what type of vacation you are looking for. You receive personal advice in order for us to custom-build our offer for your individual requirements or can find out more information about our guided tours.

6. What are the hotels like?

All the hotels we suggest for individual vacations have been hand-picked and are 4* or 4* superior first class hotels. Most of the hotels are family-run and are individually decorated, combining traditional furnishings with modern convenience to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, where guests feel at ease during their vacation. The wellness facilities vary from hotel to hotel, but most of them have swimming pools and saunas, some of them fitness rooms and masseurs. Some of the wellness facilities on offer require an additional fee and it is worth checking with the receptionist before you reserve your place. Some of the city hotels we reserve for our tours are chain hotels, as this is more usual in big cities. All of them have friendly, competent staff, who will do their best to help you enjoy your stay there.

7. Are flights included in the tour price?

Some of the tours we offer include flights, but each one is tailor-made to the needs of the group, and we usually offer the land only part of the tour.
If you are traveling on an individual vacation, you can either book your own flight. You may be registered with a frequent flyer program and benefit from using your preferred airline.

8. Which is the best place in Austria for couples/ families?

Each of the suggested villages in our program is unique and has its own flavor, but there are villages, which may be more suitable for couples and others for families, although this is a sweeping statement and each of the villages does in fact have something for everyone.
Places with lots of activities are usually favored by families and we would therefore recommend Zell am See, Saalbach and Mayrhofen. Couples may prefer Achensee, Kitzbuehel or St Wolfgang.
Take a look at the information about each of the places we feature to try to help you decide, and if you want any advice, that's what we are here for, so please ask!

9. How does the airport transportation work?

Our driver/ tour guide will meet you in the arrivals hall of the airport, he will hold a sign with your name and destination. You will be driven to your hotel. For individual travelers, as the end of your stay is approaching, we will contact you to inform you when your driver will pick you up from your hotel to bring you back to the airport. The beauty of having your own chauffeur is that you don't have to wait in line at the car rental office and then try to find your way to your hotel yourself. You are taken straight there and can sit back and enjoy your first impressions of Austria immediately as you arrive at the airport. If you are on one of our customized tours, you will be brought to your departure airport with the rest of your group by your driver and tour guide.

10. I have never traveled to Europe, I don't know where to start with planning a trip!

That's why we started Alpentouristik Travel LLC, so that you don't have to plan your trip, we can do it for you!
We have lived and worked in Austria for 30 years, as well as having traveled extensively in central Europe and know the area well. We have owned our own travel agency since 1993, transporting for thousands of customers over the years, helping take the uncertainty out of traveling to Europe, organizing hotels, trips and transportation and being there if the unexpected occurs. We hope to soon welcome you, so that you too can experience the charm, beauty and tradition of these alpine countries.
You may also find the answer to other questions on our Good to Know page or in our Reservation Information.